A Guide to Covert Ops

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A Guide to Covert Ops
Product information
Type Sourcebook
Development Randall N. Bills
Herb Beas
Primary writing Herb Beas
Warner Doles
Chris Hartford
Camille Klein
David L. McCulloch
Christoffer Trossen
Pages 158
Cover Artwork Kevin McCann
Anton Zaleski (Design)
Illustrations Les Dorscheid
Chris Lewis
Matt Plog
Anton Zaleski
Publication information
Publisher FanPro
Product code 35008
First published May 1, 2004
ISBN-10 1932564152
ISBN-13 978-1932564150
MSRP $24.99
Era Civil War era
Jihad era
Timeline Various


A Guide to Covert Ops is a book that is designed to help Classic BattleTech RPG Gamemasters run a story that features characters who are special forces and/or intelligence operatives. It includes a plethora a rules for CBT RPG, including covert ops-oriented sub-affiliations, traits, skills, equipment, and life paths. It also includes a guide to help players and Gamemasters involved in a covert ops game, as well as an adventure that makes use of covert ops characters and their abilities. The sourcebook also includes information on every government intelligence agency in 3067-era BattleTech, from the Inner Sphere powers to the Clan Watch, to the Periphery states, ROM, and even Wolfnet. It also offers synopses some independent organizations such as the Black Dragon Society and Free Capella.

From the back cover[edit]

A space armada slowly takes shape a hundred million kilometers above the ecliptic plane of a star; the target planet does not have the military to stop the massive BattleMech invasion about to be unleashed on their world. Instead, a handful of men slowly maneuver in disguised, pressurized, polymer bags towards their targets. After attaching to the ships, they cut a hole in the bulkhead and sneak towards the fragile Kearny-Fuchida core that makes interstellar travel possible. Knowing death is the only outcome, they disable the fleet, aborting the invasion before it has begun, changing the course of history. They have no name, no history, no life beyond their service to the State. They are covert operatives.

A Guide to Covert Ops provides detailed information on every intelligence agency in the BattleTech universe. Additionally, extensive Life Paths covering everything from DEST to Lohengrin and Valkyrie to guerrilla insurgents are included. Finally, new specialized espionage gear, campaigning rules and a complete adventure provide all the information and tools players and Gamemasters alike will need to enter the covert world of special ops.


Life Debt
Ki Focus
Unremarkable Appearance
Environmental Combat
Jack of All Trades
Black Dragons
Free Capella
Free Skye
Omniss: Dante's Inferno
Zhanzheng de guang
Double Agents
Turning "Mole"
Additional Paths
Stage 1: Early Childhood
Nekakami Childhood
Stage 2 and 3
Nekakami Aspirant
Stage 3: Higher Education
Federated Suns DMI/MIIO Training
Intelligence Operative Training (Generic)
SAFE Training
Wolfnet Training

Stage 3 and 4

Order of the Five Pillars (05P) Initiate/Adept
Magistracy Intelligence
Ministry (MIM) Operative: Stage 4: Real Life
Clan Watch Operative
ComStar ROM Operative
Fanatic/Guerilla Operative
Free Rasalhague Field Operative
ISF Covert Operative
Lyran Intelligence Corps Operative
Maskirovka Covert Operative
DMI/MIIO Operative
Mimir Resistance Operative
Ordo Vigilis Operative (Generic)
Outworlds Alliance Infiltration
Division Operative
Outworlds Alliance Trader/Operative
Renegade Insurgent
Safe Operative
Star League Member State
Liaison Subcommand
Star League Special
Taurian Ministry of Intelligence Operative
Wolfnet Covert Tour
Word of В1аке ROM Covert Operative
New Fields
  • Overview of Intelligence Agencies
Internal Security Force
Brief History
Branches of the ISF
Order of Five Pillars (05P)
Brief History and Overview
Department of Military Intelligence
Inside the DMI
DMI Divisions
Ministry of Information, Intelligence, & Operations
MIIO Divisions
Evolution of the Maskirovka
The Burning Down
Xin Sheng
Branches of the Maskirovka
Safe Branches
Analysis Branch
Covert Operations
Lyran Intelligence Corps (LIC)
Brief History and Overview
Branches of the LIC
Birth and Death
The Clans
Current Operations
ComStar ROM
Brief History and Overview
Divisions of ROM
Word of Blake ROM
Brief History and Overview
Organization and Operations of ROM
The Clan Watch
The Clan Watch Branches
Star League Intelligence Command
Smoking the Jaguars
Operation Star Fall
A New Age
Magistracy Intelligence Ministry (MIM)
Brief History and Overview
Branches of the MIM
Taurian Ministry of Intelligence
Brief History and Overview
Branches of the TMI
Outworlds Alliance Intelligence
Switch and Bait
Reunification War
The League Falls
The Long Road
Ordo Vigilis
Ordo Vigilis Sections

Federal Intelligence Command (FIC)

Brief History and Overview
Branches of the FIC
Growing Capabilities
Wolfnet Today
A Look at Wolfnet
Independent Groups
Free Capella
Free Skye Movement
Black Dragons
Zhanzheng de guang
Manei Domini
  • New Equipment
Forensic Analysis Kits
Microcommunicator, Subvocal
Electronic Codebreaker Advanced Electronic
Elective Enhancements
Prosthetic Upgrades
Elective Implants
  • Covert Ops Campaigns
Running Adventures in Covert Operations
Clan vs. Inner Sphere Adventures
Nation States vs. Private Agencies
Professionals vs. Playboys

Types of Games

Espionage and Intelligence
Sabotage, Kidnapping and

Security/Spy-Hunters Covert Ops Characters

Covert Operations-Only Campaigns
Mixed Character Campaigns
Mainly Non-Covert Campaigns
Player Character Double- and Triple-Agents
Double-Blind Play
Moles and Turncoats
Covert Operations NPCS
Using NPC Templates
Spy (Secondary)
Special Forces Trooper (Primary)
Close-Protection Detail (Secondary)
Analyst (Everyday)
Scientist (Secondary)
"Cleaner" (Unique)
Covert Operations Encounters
Generating Encounters
  • Rations Backstab
Calculated Risk
Classic BattleTech RPG Rules
How to Run Operation
The Adventure Sections
Getting Starting
Help Wanted
Warning Shots
Needle in the Haystack
Bulls in the China Shop
Betrayal in the Void
The Scene of the Crime
Cast of Characters


  • The.front cover appears to illustrate a scene from Chapter 10 of Imminent Crisis where a member of the Rabid Foxes is sent to assassinate George Hasek
  • The book was done on a rushed timetable, so the printer did not have the time to correct their use of a font not usually seen in CBT books.
  • The spine of the book displays the product code of 10978, though the front cover and the title itself are categorized with the official product code of 35008.