A Question of Survival

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A Question of Survival
Product information
Type Novel
Author Bryan Young
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
First published 22 July 2022
Era IlClan Era
Timeline 23 May - 21 November 3151

A Question of Survival is a novel by Bryan Young set in the IlClan Era.

From the Back Cover[edit]

A future for the taking ...

As the last Bloodnamed Warrior left in the former Jade Falcon Occupation Zone, newly-elected Khan Jiyi Chistu has 'Mechs, but no MechWarriors—making it impossible to rebuild his Clan. Meanwhile, Star Colonel Emilio Hall's Ghost Bears have a planet full of talented sibkos ready to graduate.

When word of these sibkos reaches Khan Chistu, he races in to take them, eager to rebuild the Jade Falcons. But with Star Colonel Emilio caught up in the politics of the Ghost Bear vote to join the Star League, will he even see Jiyi coming? Or will he lose the sibkos that represent the very finest future of his Clan?

For both men, these dilemmas become nothing less than A Question of Survival ...

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