A Question of Survival

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A Question of Survival
Product information
Type Novel
Author Bryan Young
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
First published 22 July 2022
ISBN-13 979-8985359800
Era IlClan Era
Timeline 23 May - 21 November 3151
Followed by Without Question

A Question of Survival is a novel by Bryan Young set in the IlClan Era.

From the Back Cover[edit]

A future for the taking ...

As the last Bloodnamed Warrior left in the former Jade Falcon Occupation Zone, newly-elected Khan Jiyi Chistu has 'Mechs, but no MechWarriors—making it impossible to rebuild his Clan. Meanwhile, Star Colonel Emilio Hall's Ghost Bears have a planet full of talented sibkos ready to graduate.

When word of these sibkos reaches Khan Chistu, he races in to take them, eager to rebuild the Jade Falcons. But with Star Colonel Emilio caught up in the politics of the Ghost Bear vote to join the Star League, will he even see Jiyi coming? Or will he lose the sibkos that represent the very finest future of his Clan?

For both men, these dilemmas become nothing less than A Question of Survival ...

Plot Summary[edit]

On Terra, after the IlClan proclamation, both Clan Ghost Bear Khans had a meeting with Alaric Ward, the new IlKhan, where they promised all their Clan's military support for the IlKhan, but also pointed than, to join the new Star League, the Ghost Bear Dominion's population had to approve it, to which Alaric agrees.

On Sudeten, Jiyi Chistu, new Khan of the Jade falcons, finds himself lacking warriors, so he begins making steps to recruit more and call reinforcements from other Falcon-held planets. A young warrior, Dawn, gives it all to became warrior, and succeeds. On Quarell, Star Colonel Emilio Hall oversees the preparation of a great sibko cross training exercise, and participates on the vote to join the IlKhan. A Freeborn cadet, Alexis, founds herself always despised by her origins and tormented by Daniel, a Trueborn cadet of his group, but always managed to excel, despite her trainers efforts to prevent it.

Chistu, after hearing about Quarell's cross training exercise, decides to launch a daring raid to take the Bears' cadets to strengthen his clan. On Quarell, the arrival of Chistu's forces cut down the cross training exercises, in which Alexis had proved to be a great leader. A Trial of Possession begins, and though battered, the Falcons won. Emilio Hall had to concede defeat and gives all the cadets to the Falcons. But when his second in command, Star Captain Allison Rand, attempts to force him to recover the cadets, she murders him, and later engages into a raid to recover the cadets, but failed to prevent the Falcons' escape. Alexis and the most rebel cadets were welcomed into their new Clan, and began accepting it, meanwhile on Quarell, the Bears' garrison is divided and fighting each other, as part of the Dominion Civil War.

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