A Time of War GM Screen

A Time of War GM Screen.jpg
A Time of War GM Screen
Product information
Type Rulebook / Game Aid
Pages 4
Cover Artwork Franz Vohwinkel
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code 35005X
First published 2011


The A Time of War GM Screen is a reference aid produced to assist gamemasters using Battletech's Role-Playing System, A Time of War. Made from cardboard stock, this product features four pages of rule tables for a GM's quick reference during a roleplaying succession.

Publishers Product Description[edit]

For the first time ever, the role-playing game for the BattleTech universe has its own gamemaster screen!

Brilliantly illustrated and constructed of heavy-duty cardboard stock, this four-panel portrait GM screen brings the most important reference tables to easy fingertip reference during game play. Leave thumbing through your rulebook for a reference for between games, with a GM screen that keeps the focus on the action and fun!

For use with A Time Of War: The BattleTech RPG


A Time of War GameMaster Limited Edition Screen[edit]

Made available as part of a convention only product, Catalyst Game Labs made available the Limited Edition version of the standard AToW GM Screen. With alternated cover, the GM Screen was available initially through the BattleShop (BattleCorps) website as a 90 day preorder. The screen is now available as a free download from Catalyst Games.


Nowhere on the product does it use GM Screen as the title.