Aaron Morrow

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Aaron Morrow
Also known as "Paladin"
Born 2990
Affiliation Independent
Profession Mercenary MechWarrior


The Steiner-affiliated mercenary unit that raised Aaron Morrow told him his parents had died heroes. It wasn't until he was older that he learned they wouldn't have had to die heroes if House Steiner had sent the reinforcements they'd promised. It was at the same time he learned about the elaborate, long-term revenge ploy his commander had been pursuing.

Young Aaron had already been on half a dozen missions at this point. He was involved romantically with a LCAF regular. When he learned that the Steiner had betrayed his unit and his family, and that in return, years later, his unit was about to betray House Steiner - well, some young men might have chosen revenge. Others might have chosen love. Aaron Morrow, torn between his heart and his history, chose neither. He warned his lover what was planned, explained why, and walked away.

In the Periphery, he continues performing the only trade he knows. He travels light, his only valuable possession a wrecked SLDF neurohelmet his lover gave him right before he left. He keeps it, he says, to remember the past.


Aaron "Paladin" Morrow is one of 62 MechWarriors designed by BattleTech (video game) Kickstarter backers of Mercenary Mechcommander and above. Featured only in the apocryphal computer game BattleTech video game, the character is considered apocryphal as well.[1]


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