Abasi Oteke

Abasi Oteke
Also known as "Grandfather of the Pits"
Profession Arena Gladiator


Abasi Oteke, known as Grandfather of the Pits, is known by almost any Solaris Game fan, as he has been fighting in Solaris Arenas for nearly twenty years. Despite a long string of successes, Corporate Sponsorship, and opportunities aplenty, this tall, ebony-skinned man has continued to fight in Class 1 arenas (also known as Pits) as a Battle Armor fighter. For his sponsor, his devotion to this venue has been to their benefit; sales of Solaris Arms' various exosuits always spike up after a dramatic Abasi victory. It comes as little surprise, that Solaris Arms is happy to keep their prize fighter in the best technology they can find, and his latest Gladiator combat suit is no exception.[1]

Oteke, who had lost his left leg fighting for the SHDL during the final push into the International Zone and had since that retired, was contracted by StarCorps to help them in their redesign of the Gladiator Suit. He was instrumental in that process, with his insights playing a large part in the success of the Gladiator-S. As the main consultant for this design, he occasionally teaches interested mercenaries tactics that make effective use of the suit’s clamps and boosters.[2]


In 3076, he piloted a Gladiator suit called The Spider.[1]

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