Abdi Al-Shul

Abdi Al-Shul
Affiliation Donovan's Dark Devils
Profession MechWarrior

Abdi Al-Shul was a member of Donovan's Dark Devils in 3068.[1]


In 3068 his unit was defending a planet for the FWLM when they were enlisted for the counterinvasion to the Bolan and Skyle provinces.

Along with regular League forces, Donovan's Dark Devils landed on Arcadia.

His lance of the unit landed near Summerville and fought the defending militia forces. Their overconfidence cost them the battle, as they lost one BattleMech and the rest were heavily damaged. The rest of the unit attacked the maglev train carrying the militia's dependents to the safety of Summerville's shelters and destroyed the train during the fighting. Most observers believe this was done intentionally.[1]

The final assault against the Militia was a disaster for the mercenaries. They found unbridled fury and the Militia tore through them. Only the unit's DropShip was able to retreat, with Captain Donovan killed during the battle, his cockpit breached.[2]


He piloted a SNK-1V Snake.[1]



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