Abdul Woodcreek

Abdul Woodcreek
Affiliation First Marik Protectors
Profession MechWarrior

Abdul Woodcreek was a member of the First Marik Protectors.[1]


Woodcreek grew up in a small farming community on an obscure planet.

The Jihad interrupted his plans to return home so he channeled his frustration into training. Within a few months Abdul had quickly mastered the quirks of his 'Mech and had come to understand each weapon's unique heat profile. The first time Abdul saw combat he shocked both friends and foes with his ability to maximize his weapon output. Since then, he has tried to teach the others in his unit how to run the heat curve as masterfully as he does.[1]

He participated in the 8th of April 3087 raid to an archaeological dig on Stotzing, who deployed from a Colossus-class DropShip. The 1st Marik Protectors that were training the militia when Stotzing was raided by the Green Ghosts, who were after an old dig site of the original planet. The Stotzing Militia and the Marik Protectors moved to defend the site.[2] After raiding the archaeological site the Green Ghosts began their retreat to their DropShip. The Marik forces were bound and determined not to allow them to successfully escape. The forces came together near the Green Ghost landing zone for their final clash.[3]

Game Rules[edit]

Abdul ignores the first overheat penalty. Any subsequent overheat penalties start at the first overheat marker.[1]


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