Abel Dorsey

Abel Dorsey
Affiliation Sun Runners Stables
Profession Arena Gladiator


Abel Dorsey was fighting in the BBL for the Sun Runners Stables (since the Stables was formed) during the Dark Age.[1]

He was a fighter in the 3086 Championship.[1]

In 3086 season he was 2-0-2 (two victories and two lost combats) when we he fought in the fifth week against Tyler Boyer (from the Regulus Wrath Stables). Boyer's used his Wasp to dominate the fight from the start. The fight was ten minutes of fast-moving action when Dorsey's SRMs peppered Boyer's 'Mech, but Boyer's shots finally struck Dorsey's weakened left torso, destroying it and reduced the Commando to a single SRM-4 rack. This forced Dorsey to concede the match.[1]

The season continued for him, and in week thirteen he was again paired against Tyler Boyer. From the start, Boyer drove Dorsey all across the Deep, never allowing the Commando set long enough to deliver an effective counter-strike. This one-sided fight ended with the Commando missing an arm and leg and Boyer on top of the Class Two Division.[2]




He pilots a Commando.[1]


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