Ace Darwin's WhipIts

Ace Darwin's WhipIts
Disbanded 3067
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command Independent

Unit Description[edit]

Ace Darwin's WhipIts are best described as an unorthodox mercenary unit or perhaps as a loose mercenary cartel. Ace Darwin was a MechWarrior who re-formed his command every time he accepted a mercenary contract, assembling the people he could gather on Outreach and en route for individual contracts. The loosely organized unit varied greatly in size during its existence.

Rather than repaint their entire 'Mech, unit members painted a pink paw on their 'Mech's heel. Darwin himself piloted a Panther he painted pink and named Pink Panther, which the unit insignia references. Although Darwin had no formal command training and relied on his charisma, the WhipIts' overall performance was good.

Unit History[edit]

Ace and his unit didn't participate in the War of 3039 but found other employment. In October 3044, a group of archeologists with Interstellar Expeditions contracted the WhipIts to provide security while they performed a dig on an abandoned Star League-era city on the planet Anywhere, in the Lyran Commonwealth. The WhipIts by then were reduced to Ace himself and two other 'Mechs.[1]

Soon after, the local government attacked the archeological site, intending to seize all Lostech. A battle between the local police and militia 'Mechs and Ace Darwin's people followed. The WhipIts defeated them and protected the IE team while they evacuated.[2]

The WhipIts were among the defenders when Warrior House Hiritsu conquered Kaifeng in 3058. The attackers assumed their strength on Kaifeng to be two lances of BattleMechs. The WhipIts fought alongside the Sarna Supremacy Militia (the Kaifeng SMM regiment) and other mercenary units that included Jacob's Juggernauts and Carlton's Brigade. After a final battle on July 27th, the mercenaries admitted defeat and requested standard terms of withdrawal. It was noted that the mercenaries had fared better than the Kaifeng SMM, which was destroyed almost to the last 'Mech.

The WhipIts nearly ceased to exist when Ace became a famous, yet momentary, media sensation. When the fickle hand of fate passed him by and the media found new personalities, he was left broke and on his own. His real friends stepped forward and helped bring him back into the mercenary fold around 3065.[3]

In that same year, Elizabeth O'Bannon, Solaris VII Class Six Champion from 3051 to 3053, joined Ace Darwin and his WhipIts on their mission to Austerlitz in 3065. Using her customized Marauder II, she pinned down troops from the Marian Hegemony long enough for Ace and the lighter 'Mechs of the WhipIts to outflank the enemy.[3]

Ace Darwin was reportedly killed during the fighting on Outreach in 3067. He had assembled a unit with the unprecedented size of two companies; his unit was ambushed by elements of the Waco Rangers and his infamous pink Panther was destroyed by a Warhammer in Waco Rangers colors.[4] With his reported death, his mercenary unit ceased to exist.


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Ace Darwin's WhipIts
Ace Darwin 30593067



Composition History[edit]

The loosely organized unit varied in size from three 'Mechs to two companies plus armor and aerospace fighters.

Color Scheme and Insignia[edit]

Ace Darwin's WhipIts had no unifying paint scheme; only Ace Darwin's Panther was painted pink. Most units add the unit insignia on the left heel of their 'Mechs. The WhipIts logo depicted a pink paw print, an obvious reference to their commander's Pink Panther BattleMech.[3]


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