Achilles (DropShip class)

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Achilles TRO3057r.png
Production information
Manufacturer Galileo Instruments

Rashpur-Owens Incorporated

Production Year 2582[1]
Use Assault Ship
Type Military Aerodyne
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Technical specifications
Mass 4,500 tons
Structural Integrity 16
Length 125 meters
Width 37.4 meters
Height 23 meters
Drive System Xevex-12
Safe Thrust 4 g
Max Thrust 6 g
Fuel (tons) 300 tons
Fuel (days) 163 days
Armor 60 tons standard
Fore: 29
Sides: 26
Aft: 17
Crew 60
Escape Pods/Life Boats 4/1
Heat Sinks 124
BV (1.0) 6,744 [2][3]
BV (2.0) 8,118[citation needed]


Relatively rare, the Achilles-class Assault DropShip is a deadly threat to DropShips and aerospace fighters alike.

Incapable of atmospheric flight, the design of the craft is relatively simple, with over half of the ship's mass taken up by the extremely powerful Xevex-12 drive system. This drive system is capable of unleashing up to 6Gs of thrust and gives the Achilles surprising agility, even against aerospace fighters. But this excellent performance comes at a price, as the Xevex-12 requires much more frequent and diligent maintenance than most drive systems. Despite the well-engineered drive dampening and isolation mounting surrounding the Xevex-12, thrust levels higher than 4G's can create vibrations that shake the craft so violently that prolonged flight at that rate can cause serious harm to both the crew and the ship, especially the ammunition feeding mechanisms and the drive system itself. Sixty tons of armor and one hundred twenty-four Heat Sinks combined with its three hundred tons of fuel give the craft reasonable endurance for its role.[2][4]

Much like the lighter Avenger, the Achilles forms the vanguard of planetary assault fleets, a role which led to attrition rates much higher than production during the Succession Wars. The single largest user of the Achilles in the Inner Sphere is the Draconis Combine, though the loss of Galileo Instruments of Schuyler to Clan Smoke Jaguar prior to its recapture during Operation BULLDOG has only made the design even rarer in modern fleets.[2][4]


Incredibly well-armed, the Achilles was the closest thing to a WarShip in the technological decline of the Succession Wars. Two PPCs and two LRM-20s, plus two Large and medium lasers mounted in the nose allow the craft to unleash blistering fire upon enemies in its forward arc. Each "wing" mounts a single PPC and Autocannon/20 supported by a pair of Autocannon/5, LRM-20s and medium lasers facing forward, with another PPC, autocannon/10, Large Laser and another two Mediums Lasers pointed rearward. Directly aft, the Achilles mounts a third AC/20, two more medium lasers and an LRM-10. Four tons of reloads for each of the smaller autocannons, eight for the mammoth AC/20's and a total of seventeen tons of long range missiles allow the craft to engage seemingly at will.[2][4]


Due to the focused role of the class, the Achilles boasts a minimal 160.5 tons of cargo capacity. The bulk of its free space is instead devoted to two aerospace fighter bays, two small craft bays and one foot platoon for marine boarding operations.[2]


  • Upgrade 
    Coming as somewhat of a shock given that no Capellan or Marik facility produced the Achilles previously, an upgraded version first emerged from the facilities of Rashpur-Owens Incorporated above Capella in 3055. Replacing all of the standard heat sinks with Double Heat Sinks, the upgraded Achilles has greatly improved endurance. The PPCs and Large Lasers are upgraded to extended range models, the standard mediums are replaced with Medium Pulse Lasers and Artemis IV FCS is added to each LRM launcher. The four AC/5s have been dropped entirely and replaced with two Gauss rifles and five tons of reloads. The two AC/10s share five tons of shells, the three AC/20s share six tons of shells, and a combined fifteen tons of missiles are shared by the LRM racks. These upgrades lowered the previous amount of cargo space to 122.0 tons.[2] BV (1.0) = 10,010,[2][5] BV (2.0) = 10,331[citation needed]

Named Vessels[edit]

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