Achillius St. John

Achillius St. John
Born 3037
Affiliation Skye Tigers Stables
Word of Blake
Profession Arena Gladiator

Achillius St. John (3037 - ) was a Manei Domini who served in infamous Opacus Venatori as an Poltergeist Adept Omega.[1]


Born to a seemingly prosperous family on the Lyran Commonwealth world of Bolan, Achillius St. John's privileged life shattered when his corrupt father went to prison for embezzlement and his mother committed suicide. The young man took the remains of the family fortune to Solaris VII and lost it all on a bad bet. Destitute and homeless, St. John was able to secure a job with the Skye Tigers Stables as a hangar sweeper which after five years finally led to a position fighting in the Class C circuit out in the Reaches. This achievement was not without cost, Achillius suffering a multitude of near-catastrophic accidents that forced him to undergo several experimental cybernetic operations.[1]

St. John's fortunes changed when during a chance encounter one evening he discovered his employer was heavily on the take with the Mafia, his disgust at being enmeshed in another corrupt organization prompting him to betray the secrets of the Skye Tigers Stables to another competitor, in truth a Word of Blake front. His loyalty to the Word was amply proven during the opening shots of Operation SHOWTIME when he ambushed and killed the Skye Tigers' top three warriors. This act and the insider information he previously provided helped the Word to gut the Tigers within three months. In return for his assistance, Achillius St. John was formally inducted into the Word of Blake as an Acolyte.[1]

Coming to the attention of Precentor Berith in 3068 due to St. John's singular focus, photographic memory and ferocious fighting skills, Berith invited him to train with ROM's elite Light of Mankind. His willingness to push himself beyond his limits, despite the inferior cybernetics with which he was implanted, impressed the unit's Manei Domini. In 3070 Achillius St. John had his implants replaced and augmented when he was inducted into the Manei Domini order.[1]

BattleMechs and Equipment[edit]

As of 3073, in addition to more mundane Artificial Limbs, St. John was augmented with a Buffered Vehicular Direct Neural Interface, a Multi-Modal Cybernetic Eye Implant to replace his left eye, a Pain Shunt and a Recorder Unit.[2]

As of 3073 St. John was piloting a Deva, one of the first off the Sekkaris Mekwerks on Mars. Named "Blitzkrieg", St. John preferred to custom tailor its configuration for each mission, but his personally favored configuration featured a pair of arm-mounted Ramtech 9500V Large Variable Speed Pulse Lasers supported by two Diverse Optics ER Medium Lasers in the head, all four lasers linked to a Targeting Computer. A Supercharger ensures St. John reaches optimum range in an instant while three extra Double Heat Sinks allow him to constantly fire as he does.[1]


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