An Acolyte refers to the lowest-ranking member in ComStar and the Word of Blake faction. The rank was created by Conrad Toyama as part of his reforms to transform ComStar into a religious organization, taking the place of Trainees in the original corporate structure.[1][2]

The first ten weeks from when a neophyte first joined ComStar was a probationary period where they were taught the "outer mysteries" of the Order: the basics of celestial mechanics, introductions on hyperpulse equipment, and the like. If approved, they will be inducted into the Order as an Acolyte, and after less than two years of service are promoted to the rank of Adept.[1][2] As with other ComStar ranks, seniority and branch were classified through the use of Greek letters and Roman numerals appended to the end of the rank, e.g. Acolyte Omega I being a first-year member in the Order's Research Branch.[3]

Within the Com Guards and the Word of Blake Militia, the rank of Acolyte was used for all enlisted personnel, with seniority being the distinguishing factor between what would be, for example, a Private and a Sergeant in other Inner Sphere militaries.[4]


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