Acrux Agricultural Industries

Acrux Agricultural Industries is an agricultural company within the Lyran Commonwealth.[1] [2]

Company Profile[edit]

Commonwealth Stock Exchange Symbol: AxAgriIn[1][2]

Home Office: Illampu, Acrux[1][2]

President/CEO: Carma Rosado, Graf of Illampu District (Circa 3025)[1] - Leslie Rosando, Grafina of Illampu District (Circa 3067)[2]


One of the major agricultural companies within the Lyran realm, Acrux Agricultural appeared doomed when the company's then-CEO fled after stealing most of the company's cash and assets in 3019. Assuming control of the company, Carma Rosado would undertake a major reorganisation as well as opening up distribution routes with the Free Worlds League and Circinus Federation. Though also forced to downsize, Rosado's efforts succeeded in quickly turned the company's prospects around to narrowly avoid bankruptcy by the early-3020s. Like many Lyran companies, the Federated Commonwealth Alliance would also result in Acrux Agricultural expanding into the Federated Suns market with a satellite company established on the Davion world of Farwell.[1][2]

Unfortunately the Clan Invasion era and the collapse of the Federated Commonwealth would see the company's fortunes increasingly falter, with its Lyran operations suffering the effects of a brief corporate war with AAI's Free Worlds League competitors, and the forced sale of its Farwell centers when passage via the Chaos March proved too risky for its small transport fleet.[2]


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