Actuator Enhancement System

Actuator Enhancement System
Production information
Type Guidance System
Tech Base Experimental
Year Availability 3070
Technical specifications
Heat None
Damage None
Minimum Range None
Short Range None
Medium Range None
Long Range None
Extreme Range None
Tons *Varies*
Critical Slots 1/weight class
Ammo Per Ton N/A
Cost (unloaded) Arms: Mech Tonnage X 500
Legs: Mech Tonnage X 700[1]
Ammo Cost (per ton) N/A
BV (1.0) See Below
BV (2.0) See Below


The Actuator Enhancement System is a piece of equipment that was first produced by Blackwell Corporation for the Wolf's Dragoons. Abbreviated as AES, the equipment is a mixture of computer interfaces and Myomer that has been finely tuned to give a pilot operating their BattleMech more accuracy in their arm mounted weapons or improve piloting when employed in the legs.

Development was started in 3067, but was disrupted by the Word of Blake invasion of Outreach.[2] The Dragoons, after their rescue in March 3068, shared the AES technology with the Kell Hounds. The Hounds continued development and were able to employ the technology in limited production.[3]


Game Rules[edit]

The AES can be used for both BattleMechs and Industrial Mechs. They can be placed in the arms or legs, providing improve handling of those respective actuators.

Game Use[edit]

When used in the arms, they give gunner -1 when player conducts a to-hit roll for any weapon in this AES equipped actuator. Like wise, when conducting normal (non physical attack) piloting rolls with AES placed the legs, they receive a -2. However, when doing physical attacks with AES equipped actuators, pilot only receives -1 bonus, regardless in the arms or in the legs. Also, physical weapons mounted in arms that requires both arm actuators, both arms must be equipped with AES.

An AES can be destroyed with a critical hit, thus player will only lose the benefit of the AES with no other ill-effects.[4]


Bipedal and Quad 'Mechs may mount AES in arms or the legs. When installed in the legs, all leg actuators must equipped with the AES system. A player may choose to have only one AES in either of a biped 'Mech's arms.

Each AES fills 1 critical slot per 'Mech weight class and weight is calculated per body type (Bipedal / Quad) and tonnage.

  • Critical Slots: 1 Light, 2 for Medium, 3 for Heavy, and 4 for Assault 'Mechs. These slots must be in the appropriate location. Note that this means Heavy and Assault 'Mechs cannot mount AES in their legs.
  • Weight of the AES equipment:
    • Bipedal 'Mechs: 'Mech tonnage divided by 35, rounding up to half ton.
    • Quad 'Mechs: 'Mech tonnage divided by 50, rounding up to half ton.

Battle Value[edit]

To calculate the Battle Value using Tactical Operation rules (Battle Value 2.0), you must multiply 1.5 with unmodified Battle Value 'Mech you are modifying. In calculating Offensive Battle Value of the 'Mech, you must add 10 percent to the total tonnage of the 'mech you are modifying. This is before adding calculations of other equipment, including TSM.[6]



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