Adam Grady

Adam Grady
Died 12 February 3066
Affiliation Zelazni Stables
Profession Arena Gladiator


Adam Grady was a fighter on Solaris VII during the Civil War fighting for Zelazni Stables.

Circa end of 3065, Gupta Sanga killed his cousin Menander Grady, and he challenged Gupta. Grady's grudge match had specific terms: if Sanga was defeated, he would never again fight in the arenas.

The fight was scheduled for the 12 February 3066 in The Jungle. Sanga, fighting in his trademark Wraith, almost managed to defeat Grady, who was fighting in a refurbished Dragon. It was only a last-ditch autocannon barrage by Grady, whose 'Mech was shredded by laser fire, that penetrated the Wraith's cockpit, killing Sanga instantly.

Grady did not live to relish his victory. In the 'Mech pens after the bout, a freak ammunition explosion destroyed the jitney Grady was riding on, killing him.[1]




He piloted a Dragon.[1]


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