Adam Powell

Adam Powell
Affiliation Free Worlds League
Rank Sergeant
Profession MechWarrior

Adam Powell was a MechWarrior from Anton Marik's Ducal Guard.[1]


He was one of the ducal defenders of New Delos when Wolf's Dragoons came searching for Duke Anton Marik after he had killed several of their dependants. Though he was disenchanted with how things turned out but loyal to his oath to Duke Anton Marik, he had his 'Mech shot out from under him in a mere forty-three seconds in battle with the mercenaries on 23 March 3015 against the Black Widow Company. Rescued by a Pegasus hovercraft, he is assigned a replacement Stalker on the following day. Together with Sergeant Louis Hague and MechWarrior Harris Hauk in their Crusaders and MechWarrior Susan Bantry and MechWarrior Davis Leigh in their Warhammers, this reserve force ends up facing Natasha Kerensky's company when they break through the defense lines by going through the fire. They are vanquished, but Powell is jubilant because he lasts almost two minutes this time before ejecting. Powell arrives at the palace on foot to witness the destruction the irate Wolf's Dragoons inflict there.[1]



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