Adam Wiley

Adam Wiley
Born 3024
Affiliation Overlord Stables
Profession Arena Gladiator


In 3051 Adam Wiley was fighting for Overlord Stables and ranked 13th in the Solaris Top Twenty. He did not grant interviews or share his opinions with many outsiders outside his small circle of friends. He was an unquestionably excellent MechWarrior and as proof, he was Class Three Champion for two running years before accepting his current ride with the Overlord Stables.[1]


Adam Wiley has been noted to have matured since his days as a Class Three warrior, but has also been noted as showing a certain brutality in his fights. He prefers hand-to-hand combat, luring opponents into confined terrain, where ranged weapons are less effective. His favorite arenas are The Jungle and The Factory. He is also a good fighter and ranged combat, but he is reluctant to engage on it, which might explain why he is not more highly rated.[1]


In 3051 he was piloting a BattleMaster.[1]


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