Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Union (see text)


The DropShip FWLS Adamant was a part of the Regimental Transport Group of the First Regulan Hussars regiment, which as of 3028 consisted of altogether three Leopard, Union and Overlord-class vessels each, notably including one Command Overlord, the Belisarius.[1][2]

The Adamant was noted as being the ship assigned to carry the Rolling Thunder company (which frequently operates independent from its parent battalion); this strongly implies it to be one of the regiment's Union-class vessels.[3]

Captain Matthew Garrick gained command of the ship in 3022 and subsequently used his connections to secure the transfer of his wife Kathryn Garrick, a MechWarrior, from the Second Regulan Hussars to Rolling Thunder where she became commander of the Fire Lance (accepting a demotion from Force Captain [sic] in command of a company to Lieutenant in command of a Lance, jumping at the chance to serve in a unit with her husband).[3]


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