Adean Dulcimer

Adean Dulcimer
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Bug-Eye


The Adean Dulcimer was a surveillance WarShip constructed by the Terran Hegemony to serve as a spy ship for the Hegemony Armed Forces. The fate of the Adean Dulcimer during the Amaris Civil War and Succession Wars is unknown, but by the late thirty-first century the Adean Dulcimer was in service with the interstellar corporation known as Interstellar Expeditions, taking an active part in exploration and research expeditions in the Deep Periphery as the IES Adean Dulcimer.[1]

The IES Adean Dulcimer had the distinction of being the only Bug-Eye-class WarShip to be in service with Interstellar Expeditions in the 3090s, and was working in the coreward Periphery. While serving as part of a five-JumpShip group under the overall command of Project Director Chrisof Daniels the Adean Dulcimer was destroyed by forces from Clan Diamond Shark. Daniels had been attempting to initiate a Trial of Possession for information on the route used by the Clans during Operation REVIVAL to travel between the Clan Homeworlds and the Inner Sphere, but the Diamond Sharks had rebuffed his efforts, in line with a general deterioration in relations between the Diamond Sharks and Interstellar Expeditions. When the Diamond Sharks explicitly told Chrisof to back off, he attempted to force the issue by jumping into the Chainelane Isles, only for his entire group of vessels to be destroyed.[1]


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