An Adept refers to a member of ComStar and the Word of Blake faction. The rank was created by Conrad Toyama as part of his reforms to transform ComStar into a religious organization, taking the place of Technician in the original corporate structure.[1][2]

Adepts have at least one year of service to the Order and answer to their local Precentor. However, to prevent any undue familiarity with their superiors, other Adepts, or 'lay' personnel, ComStar policy for much of its history was to automatically transfer Adepts after one year at a given post.[1][2] As with other ComStar ranks, seniority and branch were classified through the use of Greek letters and Roman numerals appended to the end of the rank, e.g. Adept Alpha V being a fifth-year member of that rank in the Order's hyperpulse generator Operation Branch.[3]

Within the Com Guards and the Word of Blake Militia, the rank of Adept was equivalent to a junior grade officer in other Inner Sphere militaries such as Lieutenant or Captain. They may command a Level II unit or other work teams conducting independent operations. Prior to the schism, a senior Adept in charge of several Level II units might informally be referred to as a Demi-Precentor; afterwards the Com Guards made it as a formal rank in their structure, while the Blakists retained the original usage.[4]


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