Admiral Corinne Donnings

Admiral Corinne Donnings
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Fox
In service since ca. 3065
In service until destroyed 8 November 3066 (see notes)


The Fox-class corvette Admiral Corinne Donnings was under construction in 3062 and was expected to join the Armed Forces of the Federated Commonwealth in 3065.[1] The eruption of the FedCom Civil War altered these plans, and the FCS Admiral Corinne Donnings ended up serving in the forces loyal to Victor Steiner-Davion. Surviving until the closing stages of the Civil War, the Admiral Corinne Donnings was one of four Foxes within the task force taken to secure New Avalon in 3066. Led by the Avalon-class cruiser FCS Melissa Davion[2] and serving alongside the FCS Intrepid, FCS Kentares and FCS Robinson[3] the Admiral Corinne Donnings found itself facing Loyalist forces which included two Avalon-class cruisers, the FCS Lucien Davion and FCS Alexander Davion,[2] and two Foxes, the FCS Antrim[3] and FCS Murmansk.[2]

With the resulting battle seeing the Intrepid disabled and the Admiral Corinne Donnings destroyed the Kentares maneuvered itself into close proximity with the Alexander Davion and then executed a tactic that shocked both forces - the Kentares activated her K-F Drive, destroying both ships.[3] The Kentares and the Alexander Davion were the last ships to be destroyed in the battle, as the Lucien Davion surrendered after taking heavy damage and the Murmansk executed a jump from a pirate point, vanishing without trace.[2]


The Admiral Corinne Donnings was listed in Field Manual: Updates as being one of fifteen WarShips in service with the Federated Suns in the aftermath of the FedCom Civil War, with the caveat that many were undergoing repairs or having their construction finished after launching early during the conflict.[4] This contradicts the account of the destruction of the Admiral Corinne Donnings in Endgame, but is not without precedent. Field Report: AFFS confirmed that the AFFS had fifteen WarShips in service at the beginning of the Jihad.[5] Field Report: AFFS doesn't provide a full listing of those fifteen WarShips, but it was subsequently confirmed via an Ask The Writers question on the fate of the FCS Fox that the Fox was still active after the FedCom Civil War and had subsequently been destroyed in the Word of Blake assault on the shipyards at Galax. As this would represent a sixteenth WarShip in service with the Federated Suns at the time, it is likely - but not certain - that the mention of the Admiral Corinne Donnings in Field Manual: Updates is an error, and that the Admiral Corinne Donnings had been mistaken for or substituted for the Fox.

That said, in New Avalon Defenders Hold Line, Cripple Blake Flagship it explains that this WarShip was destroyed on New Avalon while defending it from the WoB instead of the FSS Antrim.


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