Admiral Gerda Cameron

Admiral Gerda Cameron
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Cameron


The Cameron-class battlecruiser Admiral Gerda Cameron was a Star League Defense Force WarShip that survived the Hegemony Campaign to liberate Terra from the forces of Stefan Amaris, and subsequently followed General Aleksandr Kerensky on the Exodus.[1]

When the Pentagon Civil War erupted, the Admiral Gerda Cameron was one of the WarShips which followed Nicholas Kerensky to Strana Mechty. After Nicholas founded the Clans the Admiral Gerda Cameron was deployed on Operation KLONDIKE, Nicholas' plan to conquer the Pentagon worlds.[1]

The Admiral Gerda Cameron was one of two vessels commanded by the Clan Snow Raven Khan Stephen McKenna during the campaign to secure the Circe system. A former Admiral in the SLDF, McKenna had been charged with tackling the spacefarer enclaves in the Circe system, which were larger, more prosperous, better organized and better defended than most of the spacefarer communities within the Pentagon systems. The two major enclaves were located at the zenith jump point and deep in the outer system; the Admiral Gerda Cameron joined the McKenna-class battleship James McKenna were deployed against the zenith enclave.[1]

In securing the zenith spacefarer enclave the Admiral Gerda Cameron and the James McKenna went up against two spacefarer frigates, one Congress-class and one Quixote-class. Despite being outweighed and outclassed, the two spacefarer WarShips both fought to buy time for the spacefarers to try and evacuate the complex. Accompanied by a squadron of combat DropShips, the Admiral Gerda Cameron and the James McKenna both closed on the Congress, engaging at point blank range; the Congress suffered multiple critical hits to the command and engineering decks, but still managed to score several hits on the two Clan WarShips as well as destroying seven DropShips before being taken out of the combat. The Congress managed to buy time for the Quixote-class vessel; dozens of spacefarer DropShips and a number of JumpShips had gone active, jumping out of the system while the Quixote cut loose from the recharge station and jumped as well.[1]

Of those vessels that escaped the Admiral Gerda Cameron at Circe, all bar three JumpShips jumped to points in the other Pentagon system already controlled by the Clans; the Quixote became a central ship in the extended hunt for spacefarer ships trying to escape the Pentagon worlds, eventually playing a prominent role in the Battle of the Pentagon Run, while the other ships that remained at the zenith point were all forcibly captured.[1]


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