Adnan Farouk

Adnan Farouk
Died 3043
Affiliation Ikhwan Stables
Profession Arena Gladiator

History & Tactics[edit]

Adnan Farouk was a MechWarrior fighting for the Ikhwan Stables. It is not known if he was one of the original Legionnaires or not.[citation needed]

He participated in the challenge from the Iron Knights in Garringer continent to get revenge from his stablemaster.[1]

The Iron Knights won the fight thanks to the full-scale battles they were still used to. They destroyed the six 'Mechs belonging to Ilhwan Stables, but they didn't look much the winners, loosing several MechWarriors, their commanding officer among them. Only MechWarrior Rukaya survided, and she was castigated from the stable barely two hours after returning to Victory City.

He died during that fight.[2]


He pilots a DRG-1N Dragon.[2]

Character Traits[edit]


He is a Veteran MechWarrior.[2]


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