Adopt an Orphan Challenge

Orphan (MediaWiki, noun)
article not linked to by any other page in the Wiki.

Are you running three-'Mech lances? Is your touman lacking a few Clusters? Adopt an Orphan!

It's easy:

  1. Go to Special:LonelyPages and look through what is available.
  2. Choose one that relates to an area you are interested in. It's OK to "adopt" more than one!
  3. Include it as a link in a relevant article!
  4. Many Orphans are suffering from neglect: they may need more references, some copyediting, even more material added. Try to give your new adoptee some of these things so it can flourish in its new home!
  5. And you're done! Someone did the work of adding that article to the wiki, and now you have helped get it out there into public view. Congratulations, and thank you!

"Please, Sir: May I have a link?"