Adrian McGalliard

Adrian McGalliard
Died 3049
Affiliation Free Rasalhague Republic
Profession Överste

Character History[edit]

Adrian McGalliard was the commanding officer of the 3rd Drakøns in 3049.[1]

He and his Third joined the 1st and 2nd Satalice Armored Division in defending Satalice from the combined forces of the Fourth and Thirteenth Wolf Guards. Unusually the Clan forces dispensed with Bidding in favor of a competition to see which unit could claim more trophies (insignia ripped from downed enemy 'Mechs). During the early skirmishes, Överste McGalliard realized that both Clusters weren't working together and reorganized his defense toward using his 'Mechs to lure the Clans into ambushes. While effective against ground forces, it was quickly abandoned when OmniFighters were shifted to respond first.[2]

He died during the fighting on Satalice in 3049.[1]


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