Adrian Wolfe

Adrian Wolfe
Affiliation Mercenary
Profession MechWarrior


Adrian Wolfe past is unknown. Sometimes prior to 3062 he formed his own unit Wolfe's Dragoons and started working for the Illyrian Palatinate.

His skills as a MechWarrior were not very good, but he was a worse tactician. He always wanted to appear "heroically" and helping finish off their enemies. This tactic proved a disaster against II Legio forces that finally wiped the unit.[1]

Death and Legacy[edit]

No information is currently known regarding his death, but taking into account that except the traitors Cavanaugh's Cavalry all the mercenary units were destroyed, he would have been lucky if he only ended up being a dispossessed.[citation needed]

Marriage and Children[edit]


Character Notes[edit]


Adrian Wolfe was a Regular MechWarrior.[1]


Adrian Wolfe piloted a CRD-5S Crusader.[1]



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