Adrienne Caselotti

Adrienne Caselotti
Born 3120
Affiliation Team Magic Mirror
Capellan Confederation
Profession Arena Gladiator

Adrienne Caselotti was a MechWarrior fighting on team fights on Solaris during the Dark Age.[1]

History & Tactics[edit]

Adrienne Caselotti was born on New Canton. It is said that she came to Solaris in fear of her life, though this has never been proved. On 3146 Adrienne Caselotti was fighting on the Solaris dueling circuit for Team Magic Mirror. She is fair-skinned, raven-haired beauty and has become indispensable to her team as the pilot of the 'Mech from "Snow White" team.

She is also known for the contempt of her colleagues on seven Gnome battle troopers, as when she is asked which is her favorite, Caselotti often grins impishly and counters with What day of the week is this?.

Her Dueling Record (W/L/D) is 24/8/7.[1]


Though her MechWarrior skills are solid, the is known for her perceptiveness. In Dark Age Solaris there are many of the circuit arenas beefed up by traps of every conceivable kind. Her ability to spot traps and sidestep dangers before they present themselves has been a huge benefit for her team.[1]


Adrienne Caselotti was a Regular gunnery MechWarrior and a Veteran piloting MechWarrior.[2]


During her career Adrienne Caselotti piloted a CAL-1MAFSW Calliope "Snow White".[1]


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