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Died 3052
Affiliation Clan Diamond Shark
Profession Star Colonel

Adrine was a Freeborn MechWarrior that rose to the rank of Star Colonel and command of the Third Shark Regulars, both positions she held as of 3052.[1]

Despite being a Freeborn Garrison Cluster, Adrine and her Third Shark Regulars would take part in the climatic Battle of Tukayyid due to politics, after Omega Galaxy Commander Bikendi Vewas won a Trial of Refusal to force Khan Ian Hawker to use one of Omega's Clusters, Vewas specifically selecting a Freeborn Cluster to spite Hawker's narrow-mindness. While his hand was forced, Hawker relegated to Adrine's command to defend the grounded Diamond Shark DropShips, the Third forced to watch as Alpha Galaxy's Nineteenth Heavy Cluster and Thirty-ninth Striker Cluster advance on Kozice Prime and Gamma Galaxy's 222nd Assault and 369th Striker Clusters thrust towards the secondary target of Urcunat were both stalled and then pushed back by the Com Guards Eighth and Second Armies. [2] [3] [4] [1]

With the Shark's frontline clusters bottled up in the valley and the defeat of Clan Smoke Jaguar freeing up Com Guard reinforcements, the Sharks were totally unprepared when the fresh troops of the Fifth Army performed a combat drop behind their front lines, surrounding and cutting off both Alpha and Gamma Galaxies from their landing zones and supply deports. While Khan Hawker regrouped his surviving clusters for a desperate all-out frontal assault in the hopes of breaking through the encircled Com Guard forces, saKhan Barbara Sennet called in the Third to try and rescue the front-line troops of Alpha and Gamma. [2] [3] [4] [1]

Ultimately Adrine and the Third succeeded where Khan Hawker failed, taking heavy losses but opening a hole for Shark's Alpha and Gamma Galaxies to escape. Star Colonel Adrine sacrificed herself by setting her Mad Dog between an advancing Com Guard Level II and Khan Hawker, valiantly defending the very Khan who snubbed her to allow his retreat. The remaining members of the Third Shark Regulars would follow Adrine's example, Star Captain Ishmael and the remaining two Trinaries of the Third silently advancing directly into the Com Guard's line of attack, ignoring the confused Khan Hawker's demands for an explanation. Recognizing their intentions, saKhan Sennet would publicly honor their sacrifice with a passage in the Rememberance and led the remaining Diamond Sharks to safety as the ComStar forces destroyed them to a man.[2] [3] [4] [1]


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