Advanced Electronic Codebreaker


An Advanced Electronic Codebreaker is a superior version of an Electronic Codebreaker, not because it is more powerful but because it is more clever. While a normal codebreaker will attempt to brute-force its way past a security keypad the advanced model actually tricks the system into giving up the code. The device can take between one to ten minutes to break a keypad code of any length and will not set off any alarms.[1]

Because of its nature an advanced electronic codebreaker is a highly restricted item, found only among the intelligence agencies of the Inner Sphere and the Clans. On occasion these items will appear on the black market at a 100% or more markup.[1]



Item: Advanced Electronic Codebreaker
Equipment Ratings: E/E/F
Cost: 20,000
Weight: 3kg
Affiliation: -
Notes: Power Usage: .2/hour



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