Advanced Forensic Analysis Kit


Advanced Forensic Analysis Kits are common equipment kits used by many police and private investigation agencies which allow an investigator to quickly record and analyze evidence located at a crime scene. While used to collect the same evidence as basic kits these can collect ten such samples of each type. They also include more advanced tools at the investigator's disposal, including a Pocket Transcriber, a holocamera capable of taking 50 images, and a small Noteputer which mimics the functions of a Scanalyzer to perform chemical and genetic analysis.[1]



Item: Forensic Analysis Kit, Advanced
Equipment Ratings: D/B/B
Cost/Refill: 4500/100
Weight: 8kg
Affiliation: -
Notes: -3TN Investigation or Career/Detective Check; 1D6 x 5 minutes per use; Power Usage: .6/hour



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