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Angerona Scout Suit
Production information
Manufacturer StarCorps Industries[1]
Production Year 3083[2]
Use Recon
Anti-Battle Armor Combat
Infantry Combat
Weight Class Medium
Tech Base Inner Sphere[1]
Cost ??? C-bills
Introduced Early 3080s
Technical specifications
Mass 1000[1] kg
Top Speed 30[1] km/h
Armor Type Improved Stealth
BV (2.0) 46/238[1][3]


The Angerona Scout Suit was developed by StarCorp Industries on Terra. The suit was designed for the needs of the newly formed Republic of the Sphere's Armed Forces, with the lessons learned from Stone's Coalition during the Jihad in mind. It utilizes its stealth capacities and quick movement to scout ahead of friendly forces without being detected.[1]


During the early 3080s, the VIII Hastati Sentinels were given a squad of Angerona suits to test out. The 8th Hastati were called to the world of Shipka to handle Capellan backed militants who were terrorizing the planet's Foxborough continent. The Sentinels had sent in two battle armor squads into an area to scout for the enemy. The Capellans were equipped with Ying Long suits, and had ambushed one of the Hastati's squads of Purifier Battle Armor while investigating a town. The other Squad, equipped with Angeronas, watched its fellow soldiers get wiped out. Then they regrouped, stalked the militants in full stealth and cut down the two squads of Ying Longs. Only three of the militants managed to escape the Republic Angeronas. The suit's performance on Skipka helped to increase its popularity among Republic troops.[1]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The Angerona drops the usual Jump Jets most suits its size usually employ in exchange for a higher rate of ground speed. It can also be transported by either BattleMech or Armored Personnel Carrier.[1]

As part of the efforts to improve on previous designs that use mimetic armor, the suit has been outfitted with Improved Stealth Armor and a Camo System. This combination of armor and electronics systems allows the Angerona to move while not being seen. The suit's weaponry includes a Light Recoilless Rifle, with 20 rounds in its right arm, while employing an Anti-Personnel Weapons mount on the left.[1]

The suit is fully capable of conducting leg and swarm attacks.[1]


  • Aegis Point Defense Suit
    Based on the Angerona, this suit introduced in 3132[5] is a test bed for the RISC Advanced Point Defense System for use on battle armor. The Aegis is frequently used to thicken the anti-missile defenses of the Ares BattleMech. Ground speed and armor protection remains the same as the standard Angerona, but the camo system was removed to make room for the APDS. The Aegis suit retains the anti-personnel weapon mount as its only offensive option. BV (2.0) = 35/179[6]