Affiliation Clan Smoke Jaguar

Aemelia (born 3??? - died 3???) was a warrior of Clan Smoke Jaguar who was active in the Inner Sphere at the time of Operation BULLDOG. [1]


In 3059 she was assigned to the 10th Garrison Cluster , which was part of Psi Galaxy stationed on Rockland. Her cluster offered only token resistance before retreating during Wave Three of Operation Bulldog. During the retreat she was cut off and found herself left behind.[1] Alone, she evaded capture for two years, always waiting for word from her now dead Clan. Taking a Great Wyrm BattleMech out of a secret storage depot hidden by the Jaguars she cutomised it for her own purposes. She took it upon herself to patrol the world dispatching pirates.

In 3062 Aemelia engaged a pirate mixed company of light 'Mechs and vehicles that had landed on Rockland and had gained control of the planet's spaceport. She quickly dispatched three 'Mechs and four vehicles in a battle that lasted twenty five minutes and forced the pirates off planet.After the battle she faded back into the wilderness of Rockland. Although the DCMS investigated this battle and the lone Mech Warrior, they left her to her lonely vigil.[2]


Her customized Clan Great Wyrm removed ammunition-dependent weapons, replacing them with an ER Large Laser, a Large Pulse Laser, and a pair of Extended Range Medium and Small Lasers. [2]


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