Aeril Klemenski

Aeril Klemenski
Affiliation Kashmir Krusaders
Rank Unit's commander
Profession MechWarrior

Aeril Klemenski was the commander of his own mercenary unit: Kashmir Krusaders.[1]


In 3056 he lead his unit under a contract from the Free Worlds League for a probing raid against Sacrado Industries on Campertown. They encountered stiff resistance, as Field Marshal Nondi Steiner was overseeing the development of new communication devices there. The Krusaders suffered heavy damage to three 'Mechs, his own included, withdrew and were then stranded on Harsefeld until they could raise the money to proceed to Outreach. Their League connection had died in a freak accident, and it is implied the unit had to pay for a JumpShip ride and two DropShip rides, one an emergency at five times the going rate themselves and didn't get reimbursed.

In the winter of 3056 he attended the first (and last) Seminar for Working Mercenary Units on Outreach. Klemenski flew into a rage when the seminar turned out to be about "Financial support for families and the disabled" and cited his unit's misfortune, ranting that he had expected to learn in the seminar how to survive, and not to have his intelligence insulted.[1]


He piloted an Enforcer.[1]


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