Aerospace Plant CM-T72673

Aerospace Plant CM-T72673
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Atreus
Primary Products OmniFighters

Aerospace Plant CM-T72673 is a Clan facility on Atreus in the Kerensky Cluster.


Aerospace Plant CM-T72673 was constructed by Clan Smoke Jaguar to produced the Jagatai and Kirghiz heavy OmniFighters. It was captured and held by Clan Star Adder from 3027 to 3040, which is when the Jaguars reclaimed it.[1] The Jaguars again lost control of the plant through the course of their annihilation in 3060 and it is likely that Clan Fire Mandrill took control of the factory along with most of the former Smoke Jaguar enclave.[2]

Later, the devastation of Atreus's population through the Wars of Reaving and the plague of 3073 left only the Fire Mandrills in control of the planet. Due to the constant strife of this period, it is highly unlikely that the facility was utilized for its intended purpose. Though the surviving Mandrills would be absorbed into Clan Blood Spirit in late 3074, the Blood Spirits would depart the system shortly before the year's end, leaving Aerospace Plant CM-T72673 to its final state of abandonment along with the rest of the planet Atreus.[3]


Aerospace Plant CM-T72673 was originally owned and operated by Clan Smoke Jaguar. Clan Star Adder captured the facility in 3027 and held it until the Jaguars reclaimed it in 3040.

Clan Smoke Jaguar retained control of the plant until the Clan's annihilation in 3060. It is likely that Clan Fire Mandrill took control of the aerospace plant shortly afterwards.

By the end of 3074, the plant was abandoned through the course of planetary evacuation.[3]


Aerospace Plant CM-T72673 is a manufacturing center on the following planet:


Components produced on Atreus:[1]
Component Type
Jagatai[1] Heavy OmniFighter
Kirghiz[1] Heavy OmniFighter
Unknown Jagatai
Unknown Kirghiz
Fusion Engine - XL
280 XL Jagatai[4]
300 XL Kirghiz[5]
Armor - FA - Aerospace Fighters
Ferro-Aluminum Jagatai[4]
Communications System
K55 Jagatai[4]
Omni 7 Kirghiz[5]
Targeting-Tracking System
Unknown Jagatai
Valiant 2 Kirghiz[5]


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