Agamemnon-class Warship TRO3067.jpg
Production information
Manufacturer Imstar Aerospace[1]

Irian Naval Systems[2]

Production Year 3058[3]
Use Heavy Cruiser[4]
Tech Base Star League
Technical specifications
Mass 820,000 tons[3][See Notes]
Length 720 meters
Sail Diameter 615 meters
Fuel 2,000 tons
Burn Rate 39.52
Safe Thrust 2 g
Top Thrust 3 g
Sail Integrity 5
KF Drive Integrity 17
LF Battery Yes
Armor 500 tons standard
DropShip Capacity 4
Crew 360[4]
  • 60 Officers
  • 300 Enlisted
Grav Decks 2 x 130 meters diameter
Escape Pods/Life Boats 50/0
Heat Sinks 2170 double
Structural Integrity 40
BV (1.0) 201,209[5]


Falling between the Black Lion- and Sovetskii Soyuz-class WarShips, the Agamemnon-class cruisers served as the center for the FWLM naval offensive fleet. Though equipped with a weapons complement similar to the Black Lion class, the Agamemnon class doesn't mount as much armor as the Sovetskii Soyuz, relying instead on speed and maneuverability to move it out of harm's way.[4]

By the end of the Jihad, four of the class were produced, though only one survived either being suborned or destroyed by the Word of Blake. The first[6] and the last of the Agamemnons, the Menelaus continued defending the remains of the Illium Naval Yard through the Dark Age,[7] one of two warShips left from the formerly expansive Free Worlds League Navy.


The Agamemnon class uses a series of Naval Autocannon as the main anti-WarShip armament, supplemented by a pair of Heavy Naval Gauss Rifles. Groups of Naval Laser mounts augment the NACs and HNG rifles, but are a respectable deterrent as anti-DropShip weapons.

Aerospace fighters that close on an Agamemnon thinking it's limited to capital weapons are in for a shock: The Agamemnon-class cruisers mount a wide variety of anti-aerospace fighter weapons to prevent just that type of attack, from PPCs to small lasers. In addition, the Agamemnons mount multiple Anti-Missile Systems to protect against missile threats. These AMSs are mounted in every firing arc, covering every possible approach angle.


The Agamemnon-class ships carried an aerospace fighter wing in its first two cargo bays, making it one of the more well-defended WarShips used by the Inner Sphere. The last bay provided plenty of storage space for the Agamemnon's crew, as well as its attached DropShips.[4]

The four DropShip collars allow the Agamemnons to carry a variety of ship types. The LCCC followed the same policy as with the Thera class carriers; permanently assigning Assault DropShips to an Agamemnon providing almost overwhelming local aerospace superiority.

  • Bay 1: Aerospace Fighters (12), 4 doors
  • Bay 2: Aerospace Fighters (6), 2 doors
  • Bay 3: Cargo (85,758 tons), 6 doors

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Field Manual: Free Worlds League and Technical Readout: 3067 give the class's mass as 815,000 tons[4][6] while the MUL records 820,000 tons.[3]



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