Agathe Feuntiaume

Agathe Feuntiaume
Affiliation Star League
Profession Admiral

Agathe Feuntiaume was an Admiral in the Star League Defense Force during the Amaris Coup.


In 2764 the SLS Midway was the command vessel of Admiral Agathe Feuntiaume. Admiral Feuntiaume preferred to command from the field, and while the Tenth Army's headquarters was nominally based at Fort Wilderness on Cirebon, it was more common to find Admiral Feuntiaume commanding Corps actions directly from the bridge of the Midway.[1][2]

In 2765 he commanded the 10th Army, which was one of only two Armies to be commanded by an Admiral at this point, rather than a General[3], the other being the 17th Army, commanded by John Soong.[4][5]


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