Agostina Vassos

Agostina Vassos
Agostina Vassos
Also known as"Dropline"
AffiliationAurigan Coalition

Agostina Vassos was a MechWarrior serving in the Aurigan Coalition's special Rampart Company in the aftermath of the Arano Civil War.[1]


Early Life[edit]

Agostina was born into a family of aquaculture farmers on Cassilda. Orphaned at age twelve when her parents' submersible fell prey to a Leviathan Broadwing,she entered foster care until she was old enough to serve in the military. After distinguished service in Cassilda's bluewater navy, she received an assignment to a BattleMech lance in the Cassildan Guard.[1]

While on deployment to Hastur to assist with fighting pirates, she met the Irukjandi Company, and after the deployment ended she departed Cassilda's service and joined that mercenary outfit. She served with several other mercenary companies until she was fired by Darius Oliveira for putting a teammate in the hospital during a mess-hall fight.[1]

After this, she joined Rampart Company.[1]


"Broadwing", an SHD-2H Shadow Hawk put together from salvage in the Espinosa Refit Yards.


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