Production information
Manufacturer Majesty Metals and Manufacturing
Production Year 3108
Model AGT-1A
Class Medium
Introduced 3108
Technical specifications
Mech type Inner Sphere BattleMech
Mass 50 tons
Chassis Earthwerks PXH II Reinforced Endo-Steel
Armor Durallex Light
Engine Rawlings 300 XL
Communications System Tek BattleCom
Targeting Tracking System Tek Tru-Trak with TAG
Heat Sinks 10 Double Heat Sinks
Speed 97 km/h
Jump Jets 240 meters
BV (2.0) 1,693[1][2][3]


Produced by Majesty Metals and Manufacturing in 3108, the Agrotera is a Medium Class BattleMech that would go on to serve in the armed forces of both the Magistracy of Canopus and its ally the Capellan Confederation. Based on the Word of Blake's variant of the Phoenix Hawk, the Agrotera is designed as a multipurpose and ammunition-efficient design.

The design would see action with the MoC's 1st Magistracy Highlanders on Bethonolog in 3108. In this action against more dangerous pirates, a pair of Agroteras engaged a full lance of heavy BattleMechs. While trying to buy time for the rest of the Highlanders to arrive, the two 'Mechs managed to force the bandits into submission through the Agroteras' steady delivery of damaging blows against them while simultaneously outmaneuvering them. Their performance soon proved to be too much for the pirates, and the survivors surrendered just as the rest of the Highlanders' heavier units arrived on the scene.[4]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

Designed with advanced technology in mind, the 'Mech's engineers outfitted the Agrotera with new advancements made during the Jihad. Like the 3060s redesigned Phoenix Hawk, the 'Mech is fitted with a Full-Head Ejection System, which allows for increased comfort for the MechWarrior. The design also benefits from weight savings by being fitted with a 300-Rated Rawlings Extra-Light Fusion Engine and an Extra-Light Gyro. Its hull is protected by 9.5 tons of Standard Armor. TAG equipment is fitted to allow the Agrotera to act as a spotter for friendly fire-support units.

The Agrotera's long-range weapon is its Ceres Arms Smasher Extended Range Particle Projection Cannon, mounted in its left arm actuator. The weapon's accuracy is enhanced with the fitting of an Actuator Enhancement System. In addition to the ER PPC, the 'Mech also has a single Diverse Optics Medium Class Variable Speed Pulse Laser found in the right arm, a regular Medium Pulse Laser, and a pair of Diverse Optics Small Pulse Lasers, one on each of the side torsos as a means to deter infantry and Battle Armor threats.[5]


Custom Variants[edit]

  • AGT-UA Agrotera Ariel 
    Debuted in 3145 on The Pool Arena and piloted by Judith Benson, this version, that fights in Solaris VII The Pool arena, trades flight for fins by swapping out its improved jump jets in favor of Underwater Maneuvering Units. The TAG unit was also removed. Fitted also with the latest in Clan-made HarJel armor-repairing technology around the torso sections virtually ensures that its opponent will not land an engine-killing hull breach any time soon. Clan-spec extended-range lasers (Two ER Large Lasers and two ER Medium Lasers) give the Ariel better than-average reach both above and below the water line. Clan Reflective Armor and double heat sinks protect the 'Mech. BV2 = 2,199[6]


  • The Agrotera is fitted with a Full-Head Ejection System which can be employed by using advanced Tactical Operations rules.


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