Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Agamemnon


The second-of-class WarShip of the Agamemnon-class of heavy cruisers, the Aineas fared poorly during trials and testing in the late 3050s and a series of mishaps that led to many in the crew wondering if the ship was jinxed. In the face of such issues as a complete failure of electrical systems that allowed the ship to be "destroyed" in a training exercise by the much lighter Zechetinu-class corvette FWLS Tirana the Captain of the Aineas, Captain Fernando Indurain, was having problems shepherding the Aineas through her acceptance trials while also trying to keep morale aboard his ship out of the doldrums.[1]

By 3067 the Aineas had been in service for the better part of a decade and was one of four cruisers of her class and manufacturing block known to be on active service, serving alongside the FWLS Hippolyta, FWLS Menelaus and FWLS Troy.[2]

The Aineas was suborned by the Word of Blake during the Jihad, along with her sister ships Hippolyta and Troy.[3] Her true colors were revealed when the Aineas was involved in a pitched naval battle in the Atreus system on the 25th of October 3068, where loyalist and Blakist elements of the Free Worlds League navy turned on each other. The Aineas joined the Thera-class carrier FWLS Corinth and one of her escorts, the Eagle-class frigate FWLS Mordred, the Black Lion-class battlecruiser FWLS Xanthos, the Aegis-class heavy cruiser FWLS Nueva Badajoz and the Impavido-class destroyer FWLS Impavido. The Blakist-aligned WarShips attacked the loyalist WarShips in the system, which were mainly lighter destroyers and corvettes, and which consisted of the Eagle-class FWLS Gawain, the Impavido-class FWLS Janos Marik, the Zechetinu-class corvette FWLS Sparta, the Zechetinu II-class corvettes FWLS Acari and FWLS Scorpion and the Essex-class destroyer FWLS Raven.[4]

The naval battle in the Atreus system was a victory for the Blakist forces; none of the Blakist WarShips were destroyed, although all of them had suffered damage, but of the loyalist forces, only the FWLS Acari and FWLS Raven escaped to seek refuge in the Duchy of Oriente.[4]

The Blakists subsequently deployed the Aineas in their attack on Arc-Royal in 3072 along with the Troy[5] and the Aegis-class Olympic, where both the Olympic and the Troy were destroyed.[5][3] The attack also saw the destruction of two defending Clan Wolf-in-Exile WarShips, the Aegis-class CWS Jade Wolf and the Vincent Mk. 42-class corvette CWS Valiant.[6]

In 3077 the Aineas was destroyed over Dieron by Star Admiral James Lankenau along with a substantial number of other former League ships suborned by the Blakists.[3][7]


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