Air-Burst Rifle Ammo


Air-Burst Rifle Ammo are specialty slug-thrower rifle rounds developed by the Federated Suns to improve the lethality of their soldiers against unarmored infantry. Based on standard Explosive Ammo, in addition to detonating on contact these air-bursting rounds are designed to explode at a specific range, programmed into them through a special mechanism in their ammo clip. While excellent for hitting targets hiding behind corners, a number of significant drawbacks has limited their use. Besides the sheer expense and complexity of producing air-bursting rounds, their explosive charges are less potent than standard explosive rounds; air-bursting rounds are more unstable as well and should something go wrong during the programming or firing of the rounds they could destroy the weapon; and the programming mechanism in the ammo clip limits it's capacity to half that of other rifle clips.[1]



Item: AET
Equipment Rating: D/X-X-D/E
Armor Piercing/Base Damage: -1X/-1S
Cost/Reload: x8
Affiliation: FS
Notes: Available to Rifles Only; Requires Guide Rifle Module; Complex Action to Attack



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