Aisa Thastus

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Aisa Thastus
Also known as "Falcon"
Died 3066 (likely)
Affiliation Clan Jade Falcon
Rank Star Colonel

Attention, this is Star Colonel Aisa Thastus of the Jade Falcons. I claim this island in the name of Khan Marthe Pryde! I bring with me to this Trial a full Binary of mechs!

Aisa Thastus was a Star Colonel for Clan Jade Falcon on the world of New Exford during the FedCom Civil War.


Aisa Thastus is ice-cold and indifferent in nearly all matters. She holds her tongue in matters of the Clans and prejudice, so she is not the most prolific on the comm. But her ferocity on the battlefield is rivaled by few.

New Exford[edit]

When the mercenaries under Spectre landed on the beach of New Exford, they were looking for any sign of clan operations on the planet. She would challenge his presence on the planet. At this point, Spectre could choose to listen to his Lieutenant's advice about dishonorably attacking the Falcons at night or face the clanners to a Trial of Possession for the planet.[1]


Depending on the Spectre's choice, Thastus will either become a bondswoman to him or be killed by his ambush:

New Exford - Beach Fight[edit]

(Honor Path)

"Curse you, freebirth!"

-Aisa upon being defeated by Spectre and his mercenaries.

If Spectre decides to challenge Star Colonel Thastus to a Trial of Position, he will bring his company to challenge her Binary. Her forces will be defeated in the intense trial and be taken as a bondswoman by Spectre for the rest of her career, much to the dismay of Castle.

New Exford - Backstab[edit]

(Infamy Path)

"Freebirth scum! You are honorless dogs and will die as such!"

-Aisa upon being ambushed by Spectre and his mercenaries.

If Spectre decides to ambush her, she will face him in combat and die as a result of the attack.


Aisa Thatus piloted a Mad Cat Mk II BattleMech during her time on New Exford. It will be salvaged if Spectre decides to fight her in honorable combat and successfully defeat her.


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