Aisling Reeves

Aisling Connor
Aisling Reeves
Also known as Aisling Connor
Born 8 May 2735[1]
Died 11 October 2801[1]
Affiliation Terran Hegemony
Amaris Empire
Profession Director of Economic Development
Spouse Bernard Connor[1]
Samir Njari[1]
Children Aofie[1]

Aisling Connor (born May 8th 2735 - died October 11th 2801[1]) was Stefan Amaris' Director of Economic Development during the Amaris Civil War.


Aisling was born on Terra and became a child model at the age of six and stayed a media starlet well throughout her teens. At the age of nineteen, in 2754, she quit her modeling career and created her own fashion chain called "Something Wonderful" which was able to expand throughout all of the Star League member states by 2757.[1]

Her success and abilities in the business world were pivotal for Amaris to push his plans forward. She became the bridge between Amaris and the rest of the business community. Through her, Amaris was able to get his message out to the rest of the business leaders in the Terran Hegemony, as well as a link for them to get their voices heard to Amaris' council.[1]

During Amaris' reign, she had an on-off relationship with Samir Njari that resulted in the birth of a daughter who was named Aoife.[1]

When the Star League Defense Force re-captured Terra, she did not try to escape the soldiers and was eventually captured in September 2779. There she was found guilty of crimes against the Star League during her trial in Geneva. Unlike many of the other Amaris' aides, she was sentenced to a decade of imprisonment on Mars at the Koryo Penitentiary.[1]

After she was released in 2789, she was unable to adapt to ComStar being in control of Terra as well as the loss of her prestige for being associated with Stefan Amaris. She would go on to leave the public scene and die in solitude in 2801.


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