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Aitutaki Academy

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Aitutaki Academy
The Aitutaki academy logo
The Aitutaki academy logo
Academy Information
Location Aitutaki[1]
Founding Year 2414 [2]
Course Information
BattleMech unknown-3079[1]
Aerospace unknown-3079[1]
Battle armor Unknown-3079[1]
Infantry Unknown-3079[1]
Spacecraft N/A
Artillery N/A
Technician N/A
Specialist N/A

General Overview[edit]

Founded by the order of Hered Selaj in 2414, it has long been a bastion of anti-Marik sentiment, despite the efforts of the LCCC. The SAFE has many operatives watching the independent-minded academy.[3]


In the past only students with Regulan background were accepted. This policy changed with the reign of Thomas Marik. The LCCC dictated that a fair number of applicants must be chosen by other measures.[3]

Basic Training[edit]

The academy demands a strict physical regimen on its students and is part of daily life. In the first year the students learn to navigate, hunt and survive.[3]

Advanced Individual Training[edit]

The studies of the students focus on MechWarrior and armor crews. The other aspects of ground warfare are also covered. The aerospace program was disbanded as a result of a series of fatal training accidents.[3]

The MOS for Technicians is best known in the League and the LCCC attempted to relocate the control of it, but with little success.[3]


Aitutaki used some special procedures (hazing and harassment) to persuade "undesirable" students to leave on their own. The LCCC have ordered the whole academy staff to stop such action or face punishment, but the commandant denied all responsibility for such cases. The senior cadets act as prefects and lead the junior students with an iron hand. A junior cadet is allowed to challenge a senior cadet for the right to command by a trial with swords (Jucio por Combate defined as "trial by combat"). The experience of the upperclassman lead in most cases to victory.[3]


The LCCC assign most of the 60 MechWarriors per year (the other specialties generated ten times as many graduates) to units far away from the Regulan Hussars, but this changed little of the pro-Regulus/anti-Marik view.[3]


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