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Aitutaki nearby systems
Aitutaki nearby systems
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System Information
X:Y Coordinates -164.636 : -166.561[e]
Spectral class K8II[1][2]
Recharge time 199 hours[1][2]
Recharge station(s) Zenith[1][2]

The Aitutaki system had at least one habitable world[1][2] and as of 3151 was an autonomous system within the Free Worlds League.[3]

System Description[edit]

The Aitutaki system had at least one recharge station by 3079, which was located at the zenith jump point within the system.[1][2]

System History[edit]

The Aitutaki system was colonized during the First Exodus from Terra[4] by the natives from the Principality of Regulus who founded a commercial waystation on a habitable world within the system.[1]

Political Affiliation[edit]

Aitutaki III[edit]

Aitutaki III
Planetary flag of Aitutaki
Planetary flag of Aitutaki
System position 3rd[1][2]
Jump point
3.47 days[2]
Moons None[1][2]
Surface gravity 1.15[1][2]
Atmospheric pressure High (Breathable)[1][2]
Equatorial temperature 45°C (Tropical)[1][2]
Surface water 70%[1][2]
Highest native life Reptiles[1][2]
Reference Year 3067[1] - 3079[2]
Ruler Duke of Aitutaki
Capital Ladakh[2]
Population 925,000,000[1][2]
Socio-Industrial Levels B-C-B-B-C[1][2]
HPG (Representative) B[1][2]

Aitutaki III - more commonly known simply as Aitutaki - is the third planet in the Aitutaki system. Aitutaki was home to a prestigious military academy, the Aitutaki Academy and has long been associated with the Free Worlds League.

Planetary History[edit]

The commercial waystation founded by the Principality of Regulus on Aitutaki was replaced over time with a thriving agricultural community. In 2414, the Principality adopted Aitutaki as its main military training grounds and dedicated much of the planet to military training, replete with exercise grounds and live-fire ranges. The continent of Simla was given over to the Aitutaki Academy for training, and various facilities were constructed on the island to support that training, including a number of series of fortifications used for both offensive and defensive training and a number of artificial towns used for urban combat training. Simla continued to remain dedicated to supporting the Academy until at least the mid-thirty-first century.[1]

The inhabitants of Aitutaki deliberately separated planetary governance from the main financial and commercial concerns on the planet, going so far as to place their government in the spaceport city of Ladakh, while making the city of Srinigar some 250 km east the main center for finance and manufacturing. Srinigar would grow over time to be home to a tenth of the population by the eve of the Jihad.[1]

The two cities were connected by a high-speed rail link that made it possible to travel between the two cities in approximately an hour. In April 3067 a derailment occurred on the line that caused severe disruption despite inflicting no loss of life; the incident was originally believed to be an accident, but after further investigation evidence of sabotage by an unknown organization or entity was discovered.[1]

The Dark Age[edit]

After the shattering of the original Free Worlds League in 3079, Aitutaki would become independent world by the early thirty-second century, breaking away from the newly formed Regulan Fiefs. During its decades of independence Aitutaki ended up being contested between independent nation-states who sometimes warred for control of the planet. The Regulan Fiefs briefly held the world in 3124 after the Fourth Regulan Hussars conducted a daring landing which was disguised as a raid. It would take the neighboring Marik-Stewart Commonwealth's First Free Worlds Guards to force the Fourth Hussars to abandon their claim to the planet.[28] Aitutaki soon found itself reunited with the newly re-formed Free Worlds League in 3139.[33]

An opportunistic raid against Aitutaki in 3140 by the Third Free Worlds Guards led to the destruction of the defending Sixteenth Regulan Hussars and the planet's annexation by the newly-reborn Free Worlds League.[30]

Planetary Rulers[edit]


Military Deployment[edit]





Aitutaki has two continents; one is named Andrine, and the other is an island named Simla.[2]

Planetary Locations[edit]

  • Aitutaki Academy: a prominent military academy located near or in Srinigar on Andrine.[1]
  • Ladakh: The planetary capital city.[2]
  • Srinigar: city located in the Koram Shan uplands of Andrine.[1]

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 36 systems (34 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Regulus 18.4 Köln 19.2 Harmony 23.4 Ionus 23.4
Hellos Minor 25.3 Tongatapu 26.1 Atreus 26.6 Muscida 29.6
Cameron 31.0 Ngake 33.3 Hódmezovásárhely 37.4 New Olympia 39.1
Alterf 41.1 Faleolo 41.2 Manihiki 42.7 Wallis 43.6
Kirkenlaard 45.0 Tiber 45.1 Laureles 45.7 Newcastle 46.2
Heart Fjord 47.1 Avior 47.9 Futuna 51.1 Keeling 51.7
Elektrougli 54.4 Campbelton 54.6 Zempoatlepetl 54.9 Dickinson 56.8
Alta 58.0 Zara 58.1 Norfolk 58.7 Pec 58.8
Dayr Khuna 59.0 Drusibacken 59.6 New Praha 60.8 Coriscana 61.9


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