Ajax (Character)

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Born 3026
Affiliation Capellan Confederation
Profession mercenary

Ajax is a mercenary known for being a recon lance commander in the mercenary company, The Black Thorns.

Early Career[edit]

Ajax grew up in the Capellan Confederation. He was raised to fight in Warrior House Hiritsu and fought for 10 years. [1] After becoming burned out with a life of unrelenting hate against the Federated Commonwealth, he decided he had had enough and left for Outreach, he left with his Raven BattleMech. [2]. There in September 3054 he met Captain Jeremiah Rose and joined the Black Thorns.[3]

Black Thorns[edit]

He was placed in the pursuit (a.k.a. Recon) lance. [4] He piloted a Raven. [5] After the fighting on Borghese, where his lance commander, Angus Lochart was killed by Clan Jade Falcon forces. [6] He became the new pursuit lance leader, and was promoted to lieutenant [7] , the Black Thorns took a contract with the Draconis Combine to garrison Wolcott. [8] During this time on Wolcott they took on a mission to raid Courchevel and went up against Clan Nova Cat [9]. Ajax survived the costly fighting there. [10]


He was the pilot of a Raven.


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