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System Information
X:Y Coordinates-381.799 : 176.248[e]

The Akfata system was home to at least one habitable world or construct and as of 3145, is located in the Buena Province of the Lyran Commonwealth.[1][2]

System Description[edit]

Akfata is located near the Virtue and Ferihegy systems.

System History[edit]

The Akfata system was settled before or during the Age of War.[3]

Political Affiliation[edit]


Government and Infrastructure
CapitalCuir Vert[27]

Planetary History[edit]

The Jihad[edit]

In mid-February 3075, Akfata was raided by forces from the Democratic People's Army, the military force associated with the Democracy Now separatist movement led by Lindon Ashley. The raiding force originated from the nearby world of Virtue and the raid caused havoc on Akfata as the ruling family fled in response, leaving anarchy in their wake.[28][29] Against a backdrop of mounting protest and public outcry over the methods used by Democracy Now, the Kaumberg Archonette deployed forces to assault Akfata on April 11, 3075.[29][30] It took just three weeks for the Kaumberg Planetary Guard to recapture Akfata from the Democracy Now movement and by May 1, Akfata was under the control of the Kaumberg Archonette once more. Although the campaign to recapture Akfata took place at the same time as the campaign to recapture Vermezzo, the Democracy Now forces on Akfata didn't resort to the scorched earth tactics used on Vermezzo or hostage taking, making the Akfata campaign by far the least costly and bloody of the two.[31][32]

The Kaumberg Planetary Guard forces were commanded directly by Baron Erich Sheridan and he waged an aggressive campaign, coordinated from his command point in orbit; the Kaumberg Planetary Guard troops dropped onto Akfata without bothering to establish orbit first, and launched a wave of attacks at a series of DPA strongholds. The hottest of the initial zones was the Bois Mort DropPort, located at the western edge of the Vallée Mortelle, and site of the largest DPA BattleMech garrison. While the DPA was known to be employing mercenary units to augment their forces, the garrison at the DropPort proved to be both larger than expected and better equipped, something that would provoke intense speculation afterwards. While the DPA had the benefit of much more advanced technology, the KPG had numbers on its side, particularly after Baron Sheridan diverted the bulk of the second wave of troops to join the attack on the DropPort. Despite the KPG forces being predominantly conventional units, the DPA troops were overwhelmed by the sheer numbers deployed, despite many of the DPA MechWarriors fighting to the death, with several going so far as to detonate their own 'Mechs to prevent them being captured or salvaged.[27]

With the DropPort secure and the bulk of the DPA 'Mech forces destroyed, Baron Sheridan ordered the bulk of the KPG forces to move on to support the first wave attack in progress against the strongpoint known as Pectole, located in the mountains of Ouest Sauvage, leaving just a defensive contingent at the DropPort to discourage any attempts by the DPA to retake the facility. With the arrival of reinforcements from Bois Mort, the KPG had overwhelming numbers compared to the DPA forces; in a marked contrast to the battle at the DropPort, the DPA troops showed no inclination to engage in suicidal tactics and swiftly surrendered.[27]

With the Pectole garrison defeated, Baron Sheriden then deployed the combined KPG forces on to his third target, Cuir Vert. KPG troops had dropped to attack the capital city of Akfata as a part of the first wave and the DPA was making determined efforts to hold the city. When forced to retreat having taken heavy losses, the DPA burned a number of districts - both industrial and residential - to provide a distraction while they broke through the northern perimeter towards Le Peuplier de Saint Anthony, where the last battle for control of the planet would be fought.[27]

Baron Sheridan's forces attempted to keep contact with the retreating DPA forces, but were unable to prevent them linking up with their compatriots at Le Peuplier and consolidating their defense against the Archonette troops. The DPA troops already at Le Peuplier were as well equipped and determined as those met at Bois Mort, but despite inflicting heavy losses on the KPG, they couldn't carry the day. The KPG assault began on Saturday, May 1 and took just thirty-seven hours to defeat the DPA and secure their strongholds on Akfata.[27]

Planetary Locations[edit]

  • Buis Mort DropPort: located at the western edge of the Vallée Mortelle[27]
  • Cuir Vert: the planetary capital city[27]
  • Pectole: stronghold located in the Ouest Sauvage mountains[27]

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 32 systems (30 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Virtue 12.9 Ferihegy 16.9 Kostinbrod 19.6 Alekseyevka 23.0
Etiler 23.0 Vermezzo 24.5 Kaumberg 32.4 Triesting 34.0
Kelang 34.7 Nuelson Minor 36.3 Amminadav 37.5 Champadanga 40.1
Vihtijarvi 40.4 Pocologan 41.6 Stirling 42.5 Sappir 44.7
Firenze 46.4 Enzesfled 47.3 Sapienza 48.0 Calafell 48.5
Ciampino 51.2 Mahrah 52.5 Qurayyat 53.5 Kvistgard 55.0
Burnt Rock 55.4 Chhaprauli 56.0 Kladnitsa 57.5 Nuneaton 57.7
Batajnica 59.1 Ormstown 59.7 Krung Thep 60.4 Marisura 61.5


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