Alacrity (Individual Avenger-class DropShip)

Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Avenger


The FCS Alacrity was an Avenger-class DropShip from the Federated Commonwealth.

The Harmonious Thought was deployed as the lead ship of an escort group guarding troop transports carrying forces to attack the Clan Smoke Jaguar world of Luzerne in June 3059 as a part of Operation BULLDOG. When the Second Star League forces arrived in the Luzerne system they discovered a heavier defensive force than expected, anchored by two Smoke Jaguar WarShips. When the Smoke Jaguars refused to grant safcon the senior allied officer, Tai-sho Blaise Shamfort decided to deploy the Harmonious Thought and the assorted combat DropShips assigned to the Second Star League force to try to break through the Smoke Jaguar perimeter.[1]

The Harmonious Thought deployed her three fighter squadrons, Vigilant Wings II-Pi, Blake's Redoubt II-Pi and Steadfast Will II-Pi and led a combat DropShip squadron consisting of the Claymore-class DropShip FCS Claymore, the Avenger-class DropShip FCS Alacrity and the CSV Terra's Shield, a Com Guard Titan-class fighter carrier that brought three more AeroSpace Fighter squadrons - Wisdom Through Devotion II-Pi, Swift Justice II-Pi and Faith's Messengers II-Pi - into the fray.[2]

The Smoke Jaguars' defense hinged around the Congress-class frigate CSJ Smoke Leopard and the Lola III-class destroyer CSJ Storm Cat, each accompanied by a Star of Clan OmniFighters, as well as four assorted DropShips - an Overlord-C, a Sassanid, a Lion and a Carrier which added another Star of OmniFighters to the mix.[3]

The Smoke Jaguars deliberately targeted the various transport DropShips carrying the Second Star League forces and managed to destroy half of them despite the efforts of the Harmonious Thought and the other escort vessels. The Harmonious Thought was also destroyed after an admirable fight that saw the Storm Cat destroyed and the Snow Leopard crippled, with the remainder of the transport flotilla getting enough time to complete their combat drops.[4] Despite this, the Luzerne action was considered a disaster; the Second Star League forces were scattered across the planet and soon discovered that they were facing not just the anticipated garrison forces but also front-line units[5] from the Smoke Jaguar Kappa Galaxy.[4]


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