Alan Cain

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Alan Cain
Also known as "Hammer One"
Affiliation Black Knight Legion
Profession MechWarrior

Alan Cain was a Mercenary MechWarrior for the Black Knight Legion.


Featured only in the apocryphal computer game MechWarrior 4: Black Knight, the character of Alan Cain is apocryphal as well.


Alan Cain is the Lance Commander of the Black Knight Legion's Hammer Lance.[1]

Ambush & Capture[edit]

During an ambush, Cain and the rest of the Legion's Lance Commanders (with the exception of Eric and his Striker Lance) would fight Steiner Assault Mechs. He would later end up captured in an internment camp and later be rescued by the remnants of the shattered mercenary unit led by Colonel McClair.

Voltrat 3[edit]

During the strike on Voltrat 3, Eric realized that he had enough resources to reform Hammer Lance. So he would send Alan and his Hammer Lance to attack the Lyran cadets while Eric and his lance would attack the barracks during the flank. However, his lance was destroyed leaving him as the only survivor.


As the Black Knight Legion would march to Clarissa Dupree's base for the final showdown, Eric would send Cain out in the field again to fight a delaying action. It is unclear whether or not if he survived.


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