Alan Canadensis

Alan Canadensis
Profession Arena Gladiator


Alan Canadensis was a fighter in Solaris VII during the Civil War and the Jihad.

Alan Canadensis was one of the up-and comers among the lesser-known gladiators of the Solaris Games.

He was a minor Class Four contender who fought in the major arenas in Solaris City without a steady sponsor, instead using a prodigious family fortune to keep his BattleMech operational when his contracts didn't cover repair. He was often ridiculed for fighting in an outdated 'Mech, eschewing upgraded technology for the familiar.

Many of his opponents, and also many bookies early in his career, gave him long odds when facing such advanced 'Mechs as Anvils and Verfolgers, but Canadensis was always able to defeat his opponents. His rare defeats came at the hands of gladiators as crafty as he was, and it was those defeats that had him considering investing in newer technologies.

When the Jihad reached Solaris VII, Alan was seen fighting with other gladiators against the Blakist invaders, but he never appeared at a rendezvous after a skirmish near Xolara in 3069. No reports of his capture or the destruction of his 'Mech were recorded, but given the poor state of communication on Solaris, the lack of report means little. His death or survival in that action was never confirmed.[1]


He was famous for fighting methodical and calculated fights in whatever arena he fought in. Many Class Four opponents came to fear long-range missile barrages and the final large laser shot that would end long periods of harassment.[1]


He piloted an old-tech Thunderbolt. The 'Mech was modified by replacing its Short Range Missiles and machine guns with jump jets for added mobility but keeping the rest of the standard weaponry.[1]


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