Alan Penkerhman

Alan Penkerhman
Also known as "Wolfman"
Affiliation Banshees Stables
Profession Mercenary
Arena Gladiator


Alan Penkerhman, known as Wolfman, fought for the DropShip Irregulars mercenary unit prior to leaving as he was not able to adapt to the unit's unconventional tactics. He decided to go to Solaris VII to start a career as a gladiator.

Since he signed with the Banshees Stables, his career since then has been moderately successful. His most known fight was against Mark "The Shark" Clark in Hartford Gardens. He used a prototype Null Signature System that gave him a decisive edge, forcing finally Clark to eject.

What most people don't know is that Penkerhman's career may soon end, as he has recently began receiving anonymous packages from someone who apparently discovered his debilitating powdered-dessert phobia.[1]


In his most known fight, he was piloting a Werewolf.[1]


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